Workplace Meditation Training

Training using meditation practices such as mindfulness can reduce stress levels and improve work relationships and productivity. Our training is suitable for people who are new to meditation and our approach is practical, straightforward and nonreligious. We use simple and widely-practised meditation techniques focusing on mindfulness of sounds, breathing and body sensations.

We can design a meditation program to meet your needs and convenience. Your team will learn how to relax and reduce stress quickly and consciously.

Introduction to Meditation Workshop

This workshop provides a short introduction to meditation, delivered in a single session of 45 – 90 min.

The workshop includes definitions of meditation, a description of some of its uses and benefits and a discussion of postures that can be used for meditation practice, followed by a mix of longer guided meditations of about 15 – 25 min and short practices of 1 – 5 min, with time for questions and discussion at the end of each meditation.

Meditation Short Courses

Gain valuable skills in mindfulness, relaxation and stress reduction in this program of 5-8 weekly classes (30min-1hr) of guided meditations, using mindfulness of sounds, breathing and body sensations.

Each class contains a description of the meditation practice to be used, followed by a guided meditation and time for discussion and questions.

Getting Started
For more information on workplace presentations, courses and workshops email, phone 0409 312 634, or fill out our quick contact form.